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iTeufel Radio v2

Table radio with alarm function, iPod dock and speaker system

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iTeufel Radio v2 Weiß

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  • 50 watt table radio with remote, dock, alarm and integrated subwoofer
  • High-quality choice of colour finishes with retro-styled front speaker display
  • Choose your alarm style - wake up your way!
  • Two wide-band speakers and an integrated sub deliver 50 watts of powerful sound
  • Elevated wave band catcher FM Receiver with 10 memory slots for fav stations
  • 4 colour choices: Black matt, Glossy white, Pink, Walnut

Need a powerful table radio that feels at home on your night-table or in the kitchen, bath or kid's room?

This stylish table radio has convincing sound with excellent projection, ably filling small rooms that require detailed, fully-formed sound thanks to the two speakers and integrated sub - not commonly seen in a simple table radio. The included remote control ensures your convenient usage from wherever in the room you're located, and the bright display gives you an instant status heads-up. Simply pull your iPod or iPhone out and go, secure in the iTeufel Radio's recharging functionality. Alternatively, choose your alarm style and go to sleep, secure that you'll wake up the way you'd expect to - pure sound, your way.

With this mix of practical features, easy handling and unbelievable sound , the iTeufel Radio v2 is a perfect home addition. iPod, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

iTeufel® is a registered trademark of Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH

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Données techniques

iTeufel Radio v2 Weiß

iTeufel Radio v2

A radio/alarm like the good old days: top-quality FM radio. Easy to use, yet still totally modern: iPod dock plus a digital clock with an alarm function. And always with the timeless Teufel sound. 35 watts of pure performance, two full range woofers, integrated subwoofer.

  • Description Article
    Largeur 34 cm
    Hauteur 14,5 cm
    Profondeur 16,5 cm
    Poids 3,25 kg
  • Description Article
    Sortie casque audio 3,5 mm 1
    Entrée stéréo jack 3,5 mm 1
  • Description Article
    Display Oui
    Puissance de sortie (RMS) Subwoofer 23 W
    Canaux de l’amplificateur 3
    Puissance de sortie (RMS) des satellites 6 W
  • Description Article
    FM - UKW Oui
    RDS Oui
    Espace mémoire pour sauvegarde des stations FM 10
  • Description Article
    Télécommande Oui
  • Description Article
    Fréquence limite inférieur (-3 dB) 25 Hz

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iTeufel Radio v2
  • 1 × Universal-Dock-Adapter – Noir
  • 1 × Fernbedienung iTeufel Radio – Noir