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Keep you sound equipment safe with the right setup gear

For all the sound advantages a surround system has to offer, it needs space, which can vary depending on the model. This can be remedied by a loudspeaker wall mount. Valuable floor space can be put to good use again if the speakers are mounted directly on the wall or ceiling. The possibility of accidentally knocking over or damaging speakers is reduced, which is especially beneficial for households with children. Finally, an end to dented dome tweeters.

Optimised sound image through one loudspeaker wall bracket

For an optimal sound image, the correct positioning of the loudspeakers is of great importance. This goal can be achieved more easily by using a loudspeaker wall mount. Especially, because from an audio-technical point of view it is better to mount the speakers in the height of the ears. Almost every speaker mount from Teufel offers the possibility to align the speakers horizontally and vertically!

In this way, the radiation pattern of a loudspeaker can be adjusted by angling and aligning the speaker to the listening position, even if it is mounted outside the optimum height (0.4 - 1.2 metres). Last but not least, especially with small satellite boxes, it is possible to place them almost invisibly outside the field of view. Discover loudspeaker accessories for your private home cinema and the setup tips.

Which wall mount for which speaker?

However, not every loudspeaker wall bracket fits every speaker. Try this overview of wall mounts online. Choose between the metal or plastic versions in various sizes. The necessary stability of the bracket is primarily determined by the weight of the box. As a rule, information about the load-bearing capacity of a loudspeaker wall bracket is usually given on the packaging. At Teufel you can order the appropriate mounting bracket for each speaker, no matter if it is a satellite, micro satellite, compact or short column speaker.

For more information about which speaker wall mount is the right one for your speaker, please contact our customer service. If you choose Teufel's excellent service, you're sure to hear the right thing. Because Teufel stands for the best sound at the best price!

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